On Mission

During my professional experience I've always been carrying with the idea that some of my main personal talents haven't been to exploded as I’d like/dream to.

I am talking about drawing and painting. I want to do it all the day and make my living out of it. Make a lot of money out of it and travel the world. (yes I am very ambitious).

Why I didn’t studied arts instead of Marketing? That's another story i will post about but Now I have a marketing mindset that can help to achieve this dream with the right strategy.

I have been working in defining my Mission: the ideal where to focus my energy, time and love. a mix of thoughts and spirit that I must bring down into a statement; this ‘philosophical’ process gave me seeds for actions, ideas and hope. I like it.

I have to start working to get momentum, being vulnerable.

Hard Work is about habits. To work hard you need to have a lot of energy, and focus. that comes from food, exercise and mental stimulus. Self Esteem. Mental strength can come by meditation and reading.

You have to believe in what you are going to create. That is the energy that make things happen. You have to surround yourself with the right people, with the right ideas, and do the right actions. Work hard.

Do what you want to do, NOW.

The mission: To be myself with all my heart and mind. Act and create with love and truth to myself and to the other ones. Make the world a better place to be with my work. live with no fear

With the basis of courage, bravery and love. Focus in the present and live life more intense.

The vision: Conquer the world with my art.

The goal: Start working and. Live everything that you can. Be positive. Be active.


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