Great work. Do your shit.

What is to achieve great work? How can you achieve it? How can you make it? You know the answer, but you don’t know if you really want to do it.
In my random talks with my friends about going to the psychologist or getting super drunk for no reason, I know that you always know the answers, but you are afraid to accept them because it requires big risks and hard work.
What I want? To change the world. Yes, that is what I want to fucking do. How? With my art. Your art? What the fuck is your fucking art you fucking stupid little sissy? I like to draw. You like to draw? Or you are afraid of doing something bigger and you excuse yourself by saying that you want to draw? Motherfucker? Ich weisse nich! Yes you do! You have to fucking do your shit. Your own real shit. Fucker.
You have to be stronger that you have been in the past. You know where your body calls. Where your mind and your soul. But you have been too busy by fucking fooling yourself because you like to be in the comfort stupidity, what a waste. fucking piece of shit. Dare to be fucking great. Damn, you are wasting god’s gifts. Because of little shit. Don’t talk to me anymore. 28/7/2014


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