Es que no puedo, no puedo, no puedo, no pue.... - SÍ PUEDES!!!!! (my god, how I love you)

I dreamt of you last Valentine's day (even though I don't care about that day). It was an amazing and beautiful dream. We were at my house in Puebla. we were walking and talking stuff, you were a bit ahead of me and wearing a nice dark purple velvet dress. Suddenly, you turn at me and the dress dropped from your body. your perfect body. You got naked. I remember to see your skin so white, so beautiful. it was expelling some kind of divine white light, your perfect chest and your perfect figure were in light. nothing can compare that beauty in life, it's only possible in dreams. then, with a smile and gently eyes, you asked me if I wanted to sleep with you, moving your head towards my parents' room. my immediate answer was YES! YES! please! let me go first to the bathroom and I'll be right back, and at that moment I woke up from that world and jump out my bed and ran to the bathroom, and as fast as I could, I went back to sleep but I couldn't do it again.


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