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Robert Mugabe (1924)

*This is not a happy post as the ones that I make ;) but I wanted to share it with you. When I read about this man in El Universal this week I realized that bad things of mankind that I thought were just in the past and only in the past, they still being as normal as go shopping in US. The information bellow is alarming and really sad.

At sometime Robert Mugabe was glorified for fight against the white minory of Rhodesia (now Zimbabue) in order to become the country independent of UK but now he has been in the power for 28 years and is considered a terrible dictador who has destroyed the country’s economy and immersed its people into poverty and oppression.

In June 27 of the current year he was reelected for 6th time when his principal opponent quit the content after the violence wave: more than 80 oppositors murdered where 20 were deputies, 10 thousand wounded and 200 thousand forced to leave their homes. International media was forced to leave the country when some images of people pounded or burned by the militia were published... I use the imagination to see those persons run burned.

This man is a very well educated person; he has 5 Bachelor's dregrees: education, arts, laws, administration and sciences, and 2 Master's degrees: laws and sciences.

Here some Zimbabue data that really shocks me: life expectancy for men 37 years, for women 34, the lowest in the world; 21% of the population is VIH positive; more than 80% of the inhabitants lives with less than 2 dollars per day; inflation of 165,000 %, the unemployment around 80% and millions of persons have emigrated out of the country.

I think about this and realize how the power corrupts people even when they have the opportunity to change millons of persons' fate. Its the same case in different regions of the world such as Mexico but in the case of Zimbabue things are awful.

**Srry if you find some grammar or wording errors, I'm trying to write some post in english in order to improve my skills in this languaje ;) .
Rosas, Verónica. "Robert Mugabe y la joya de África". El Universal. 6 de Junio de 2008.


felisa said…
It is devastating to know that Zimbabwe once stood for democracy and prosperity has ended up like this. It is so sad to read about Mugabe's brutal dictatorship, and to know that he has the capacity to change the economy, but does absolutely nothing. To know that the majority of the population struggles with hunger and poverty, and fear of the government is just appalling. Hopefully the freedom for the Zimbabweans will come soon.

P.S.- Your English grammar was good. Great job! By the way, great post.
kiche said…
This situation it´s awful... now i´m thinking..What is the purpose of this kind of people to be alive? that guy it´s the kind of person that deserves nothing but dead.
It was a very interesting post :-)
kymeraz said…
¡Habemus Comments again! jajajaja eso fue mi malìsimo inglès-latìn-español jajajajaja
Mrmr said…
nice n sad post at the same time

its really painful to see this injustice happened around us without doing anything to stop it
n i know that there are alot of vilonce n injustice not only in Zimbabue but in palastain,somal,and alot of places.but i think that we can't do anything but to pray to all those ppl to have peace n security
n may God help them n be by there said

thanks alot 4 this post i really enjoyed it

ur sis
gilo said…
chingaoooo yo regreso mas mexicano que antes y tu que te me agringas vale madres..

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