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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Buenos días Tokio

"You're smart, young, newly graduated from a university with the whole world before you. You could settle in a small town with well-tended lawns, pancake suppers, and life on a human scale. Or you could truck it to the big city, with all its din and dog-eat-dog lunacy. Your choice?"

Tokio - Japón

Abu Dabhi - Emiratos Árabes Unidos

Dubai - Emiratos Árabes Unidos

Moscú - Rusia

Nueva York - USA

"In a world where we can now work anywhere, we're tending to concentrate in fewer and fewer places," says Carol Colletta, president of CEOs for Cities, an advocacy group. "Smart people are choosing to live near smart people."


kymeraz said...

¿Será? entonces según la teoría, si te considero inteligente, yo lo soy jajajaja

.: jOSUé dElGaDo :. said...

no mames que chingonas fotos... hay que chingarle para ir a comprobar si no son montajes.

Quike said...

jaja aguevo

kymeraz said...

¡Ya postea otra cosa Itt, no seas huevón!