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The best thing you can do is teach people to write because there is no difference between that and thinking. And one of the things that blows me away about universities is that no one ever tell students why they have to write something, its like well you have to do this assignment, well why are you writing, well you need a grade, NO. You need to learn to think. Because thinking makes you act effectively in the world. Thinking makes you win the battles you undertake and those could be battles for good things. If you can think, and speak, and write, you are absolutely deadly, nothing can get in your way. That is why you are learning to write. I can’t believe people are just told that. It’s the most powerful weapon you can possibly provide someone with. And I know people that have been staggering successful trough my life, those people, you don’t want to have an argument with them, they will slash you into pieces, and not in the malevolent way, its like if you are gonna make your point, …

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